Vessels for Filling
Our Greatest Treasure


Vessels for Filling
What is the real meaning of your life on earth?

For what purpose were you created? For many centuries philosophers and scholars have tried to find the meaning of human life, yet none of their answers has proven sufficient. Why? Because they have all neglected one thing: the origin of man.

To understand the purpose of any product, we must go to its source, its manufacturer. Since it is God who created us, we should go to Him as our Maker to understand for what purpose He made us. The Bible, God’s Word, reveals that God created man as a vessel. Clearly, the purpose of a vessel is to contain something. But what is it that we, as God’s vessels, are to contain? We are created to contain God’s life. 1

God’s life is eternal, not only in time but also in quality. It is incorruptible, indestructible, undefiled, and unfading. This life is loving, righteous, holy, and kind. Once a person receives this life, it has the capacity to grow and increase. It is like a spring of water, welling up, bubbling over. This life is God Himself. 2

In contrast to God’s life, our human life is frail, corrupt, selfish, and empty. This is due to the defilement of sin. We are like bottles that have fallen into the dirt and have become contaminated. Before we can receive and contain God’s rich life, we need to be cleansed. For this reason God came to the earth as a man called Jesus Christ. This sinless One died and shed His blood to cleanse us from all our sins. Then, in resurrection, He became the life-giving Spirit to impart God’s life into all who would receive Him. 3

To be filled with God’s life, simply repent to God, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and call upon His name. He then will become your content, and you will know the meaning of human life. 4

With an open and honest heart simply say to Him: Lord, thank You I was created as a vessel. I want to be filled with Your eternal life. Thank You Lord Jesus for dying on the cross to take away my sin. I believe in You. I receive You now as my Saviour and life. Amen.

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Our Greatest Treasure
The world is a cosmos of commodities. Daily, people busy themselves with accumulating things of worth. But much of this activity is vain. Regardless of how much wealth we possess or to what accomplishments we attain, ultimately our lives fail and we pass away. We are limited by the supply of that which is most precious and valuable – life.

God alone gives life. All creation testifies that He is the source of life. However, all forms of created life are transitory; everything ultimately succumbs to death. Only God Himself is eternally living. His life is the eternal life. All our possessions and attainments pale in comparison to the life of God which He offers us through Jesus Christ. What we need most is the eternal life, which is God Himself.

The Bible tells us clearly that the God of life is the Triune God. The Father is the source of life and the One who begets (John 5:26; 1″13). The Son, Jesus Christ, fully embodies the life of God the Father and gives life to whom He wills (Col. 2:9; John 5:21). Christ not only came to die for our sins, but even more, to impart His life to us (Rom. 5:10). The Lord Jesus promised the Spirit who dispenses and makes this life real to us (John 6:63; 15:26). Thus, through the Farther as the source of life, The Son as the embodiment of life, the Triune God has made His eternal life available to us.

How can we receive this life? When turn from our fallen condition, confess our sinful situation, and believe in Christ, we are regenerated with the eternal life of God and begin to live on earth as His very sons. His divine and eternal life becomes our greatest tresure and will uplift our living to the devine plane.

Lord Jesus, I open my heart to You and confess my many sins. Thank You for
dying for my sins and resurrecting to be my life. I receive You to be my Lord
and life. Lord Jesus, now You are my greatest treasure.

I love You Lord, Amen.